Eat fruits and vegetables everyday- part 1

With only a few small adjustments it is possible to add more fruit and vegetables into your everyday diet.
Eat more fruits and vegetables everyday
With only few small adjustments it is possible to add more fruit and vegetables into your everyday diet. Buy the fruits and vegetables you like best. The main thing is to remember to write them on the shopping list.
Good start to day
Add sliced fresh or dried fruit to your morning meal. It tastes great, whether it's, yogurt, cornflakes or oatmeal. You can also eat fresh fruit on a piece of bread or drink a small glass of fruit or vegetable juice (Remember that only the first glass of juice will count as a fruit).
Morning Snack
Eat a banana, a carrot or some dried fruit before lunch. Drink water.
Lunch with bite
If you or your child gets lunch at work or school, then pep it up with fresh fruit and vegetables, so you get a healthy, vitamin-rich meal.
Fresh crunchy vegetables cut into sticks are delicious to eat with bread on top of the cold cuts. Try pepper, cucumber and carrot. You can also bring raw or cooked vegetables from dinner yesterday, it tastes great in a sandwich with fresh salad. Fresh fruits like strawberries, kiwi and bananas are delicious alternatives to the bread topping. And finish the lunch with a piece of exotic fruit for dessert.
Afternoon Cosiness
In the afternoon, we often need a little extra energy. Serve a plate of cut vegetables and fruits, cucumber, carrot, apple, pear and maybe a little dried fruit.
The evening meal offers many opportunities for variation. A good tip is to make the food you normally do, but that you add more vegetables than usual. Meat sauce, lasagne, quiche and pizza tastes even better with extra vegetables. Also salads and soups can be prepared with many different types of vegetables. Vegetables baked in the oven tastes great with fish, meat or chicken and can be varied according to season. For dessert serve with fresh fruit or fruit salad.
TV goodies
Who says it must be unhealthy to enjoy watching TV at night? Make a plate of fresh and dried fruits and nuts.